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Gratitude Journal – Morning or Evening?

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to writing in your gratitude journal. The main thing to make sure of is that when you are writing, you are cultivating those positive feelings within you. Writing in your gratitude journal helps to open your thought processes up and anchor those positive emotions within you.

Personally, I like to practice gratitude in the morning and in the evening. I like to set my day up for myself and practicing gratitude in the morning steers the way. We know that focusing intently on the positives in your life lifts your mood up and gets you feeling those higher emotions such as love, joy and positivity… a perfect way to start the day. We can make better decisions, feel more motivated and approach things more optimistically when we focus on our gratitude practice in the morning.

Writing in your gratitude journal in the morning is a great time to focus on the bigger picture. The things in life that have a deeper meaning. We can also direct those feelings of positivity towards achieving those things that we want to do in the day, or use the magnetic quality of positive thinking to draw in new, lovely things into our lives.

An attitude of gratitude brings great things.

Yogi Bhajan

An evening gratitude practice is a great time to reflect on those smaller things that went well, and remember those moments which were positive for you during those course of the day. Really go back into those moments and relive them – remember it’s important to use your positive thinking skills to anchor in those good feelings and expand on them.

You do not necessarily have to use your gratitude journal twice a day. You could simply take a few moments when you get into bed to run through the positive events of the day and reflect on them. Ask yourself how you could bring more love into your day tomorrow. How could you approach things more positively the next day? Ask yourself if you could have reacted in a more positive, loving way to anything that happened.

So, give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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