how to practice gratitude

How To Practice Gratitude

Starting a gratitude journal.

You can start making positive changes in your life by creating a daily gratitude practice. My three top tips for creating an amazing daily gratitude practice are:

How do we make practicing gratitude part of our day?

1.Commitment is important.

Only by actually practicing gratitude every day will you be able to create momentum and hence it becomes much easier to be in a state of gratitude more frequently every single day. But, for this, you need to be super-committed to what you have started. There will be days when you don’t feel like practicing gratitude. There will be days when you just can’t seem to see the brighter side of things. Fight those negative thoughts and feelings and reach for something good, anything at all, in a ritualistic way so that you can create a proper daily gratitude routine.

2. Write in your gratitude journal every day.

If you really want to know the secret to practicing gratitude then, as mentioned above, it is important to keep a gratitude journal with you so that it becomes quite easy for you to keep track of your feelings. Life is busy and so having a gratitude journal to hand will help you to recall those positive feelings and emotions when you are feeling low or frustrated.

Get into the habit of writing in your gratitude journal every single day at a set time, whether that’s in the morning, in the evening, or in your lunch break at work. At low points during your day, grab your gratitude journal and reflect on the previous entries. Really feel those feelings of positivity to shift your energy upwards.

3. Set a proper time to practice gratitude.

To be commit to adopting a more grateful mindset, it’s important to be strict with yourself as the main goal here is to have more control of your thoughts and emotions, instead of being subject to the fluctuations and consequences of them. Choose a time that works for you and your lifestyle. For some people, the morning may not be the best time to practice gratitude as they may be trying to get four children ready for school and rush out the house to work. For some people the evening may not be the best time. Find a time in which you can sit down for a few minutes to write in your gratitude journal and deeply reflect on those positive, higher emotions so that they have the opportunity to become more dominant within you.

4. Share your gratitude journal with others.

Your gratitude journal can be private or you can share it with as many people as you wish. Why not share your gratitude journey with others so that you can uplift and inspire them. You may end up making someone else feel happier or adopting a more positive mindset for themselves. Many of my readers like to post photos of their gratitude journal pages on Instagram and tag me @natalielouisefox to help inspire others. I invite you to do this too.

5. Never stop.

Once you start seeing a difference in your life by practicing gratitude, then don’t stop doing it. Make it a habit you do without question, such as brushing your teeth (hopefully!) so that you can maintain your attitude of gratitude.

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