how to write in your gratitude journal

Reboot Your Life With Gratitude

By Claire Read.

Feeling Engulfed by Your Own Emotions?

  • Are you having a bad day, month or year?
  • Is your life out of control and do you feel like you’re running through treacle?
  • Does getting out of bed and forging through the day seem harder than embarking on an expedition up mount Everest?

Well gratitude can transform your life.

Whether you have the Monday morning blues, feeling down and not really knowing why, or having to face some of life’s more traumatic times; bereavement/ divorce/ unemployment/ financial or health issues.

Gratitude can get you back on track.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So ask yourself:

  • Do you want to take control of your life?
  • Do you want to be the energy force that drives yourself to a happier destination?
  • Would you like to wake up each morning excited and enthused about the day ahead?

What is holding you back?

Your attitude to gratitude will reflect your previous experiences and expectations, put upon you by society and often our parents (sorry Mum!).

As a child were you told you should feel grateful for food on the table/ new toys/ roof over your head?

It becomes a negative positive, when we are told we ‘should’ feel grateful for something it actually has the opposite effect and loses it’s power, and energy, and potentiality.

Feel it, own it!

So what is gratitude?

A feeling of being thankful or grateful, that warm, fuzzy feeling that stirs deep within when someone does something for you no matter how big or small. Also being able to do something to help a friend or fellow soul (having the time or skill set you can put to use is also something to be grateful for).

So let’s get started then.

Grab a pen, a piece of paper and engage your brain.

A quiet five minutes is all it takes, not got a quiet space? Well I regularly write my gratitude journal with two small, lovely, demanding children, who have an innate ability to want anything and everything as soon as I sit down.

You need to set the intention that you are going to start writing a gratitude journal and make it a life-long daily habit, just like cleaning your teeth every day. Still not got five minutes? Fine. Then let’s make it three.

That’s one grateful thought for each minute.

Writer’s block!

What shall I write, I hear you cry?


Anything that has touched your heart, mind, body or soul. We are not all getting our mortgages paid off and winning the lotto.

Start small, size isn’t everything!

So today I feel grateful for ….

The kindness of a stranger (someone letting you jump the queue at the shops, pull out at the lights, or a friendly smile).

Here are some excerpts from my gratitude journal:

Warm comforting hugs from my children

A surprise phonecall from a friend, so good to hear her voice and have a giggle

A stunning sunset

Laughter at work

An invite to dinner at friends (yey, I don’t have to cook!)

Being able to help out a friend as I had a spare hour

Making new friends

Told you, it’s simple!

Every day that we find something to feel grateful for, amazing things begin to happen, because the more we notice and acknowledge the good stuff, the domino effect begins and so then the law of attraction then kicks in.

Having a bad day?

Don’t worry if you really can’t think of anything to write, tomorrow is a new day.

Each day that you are able to reflect on the positive, your brain (the amazing organ that it is) will rewire to adopt a new positive mindset. Nothing positive comes out of being negative. And when those thoughts do pop into your head, tell the negative committee to leave and start working on some positive affirmations.

Would you carry a garbage bag full of rotten vegetables around with you all day?

They are your thoughts, so own them.

So get rid, let go, pick up a pen and get writing. One minute, one thing you are grateful for!

What are you waiting for?

Happy journaling!

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