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The Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude

What are the benefits of using a gratitude journal?

Are you in search of a healthier life, more happiness, deeper relationships and increased productivity? Perhaps you want to feel more optimistic and attract new things into your life?

If so, try using a gratitude journal to help you keep account of the gratitude you are feeling now and have felt to date. This will have a long-term impact on your mindset and generate happy feelings and a sense of positivity.

If you’re still wondering about the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, we have listed a few below…

Let’s check out some of the benefits of starting a gratitude journal:

  1. A five minute stint at gratitude in the morning will have a great impact on your happiness levels for the day. If you are able to show gratitude, feel those positive feelings and write them down in a gratitude journal then ultimately YOU WILL FEEL GOOD. You’ll notice more and more that negative people and events seem to keep away from you as you focus on the positive. If just five minutes a day can do this, how are you going to feel after 100 days of gratitude?
  2. Gratitude has health benefits. Using a gratitude journal will start to improve your mental health. It takes you far, far away from your negative emotional mind (for more on this see my Unwind Course – A six week programme to help you reduce stress, worry and negative thinking). When you are not operating constantly from your emotional mind, you naturally make better decisions about your life, your relationships with others and your health. It’s a done deal. Gratitude in the morning sets you up for the day by positively re-framing your mood and gratitude in the evening helps you to release the days stresses and prepare for deep, refreshing sleep. You might like to build a gratitude meditation into your bedtime routine. I’ve recorded a gratitude meditation here which you can access for free.
  3. Gratitude could help you boost your career. Positive thinkers are better able to overcome problems and think objectively about situations. They make better decisions. Plus, practicing gratitude will help improve your relationships with other people, become more outwardly focused on others feelings instead of your own and deepen compassion within you, for yourself and others. Practicing and becoming a super-positive thinker will make you an effective leader, achieve your goals more easily and increase your productivity. Quite simply, you’ll believe that anything is possible and be more focused to make those things happen.
  4. Gratitude strengthens your positive emotions. Writing in a gratitude journal every day helps you to see the upside in any situation. You can actually retrain your mind to see the bigger picture, learning lessons in life more easily and ultimately becoming a stronger person, better able to cope with the ups and downs of life.
  5. People will love the new, positive you. A regular, full gratitude practice will make you more personable and you will be better able to attract similarly optimistic people into your life. You’ll be happier so will feel like being more social, trusting and appreciative of others. Who want’s to be around a negative soul?

Still need convincing about the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal?

Try it for yourself. Gratitude Journal: 100 Days Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life by Natalie Fox gives you the opportunity to embrace gratitude every day. It’s a fabulous journal that get’s you to think about the thing that you are most grateful for each day and WHY. Then you’ll find it easier to shift into a positive mindset and find even more things to be grateful for. You can think about people that you’d like to thank, decide how YOU want to feel each day and even set a daily affirmation for yourself to carry through the day. You can order a copy via the shop page on my website or head straight to Amazon.

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